Polyurea Technology

The Ultimate Coating Solution

Polyurea is a high-performance polymer coating which cures rapidly from liquid to plastic, is moisture insensitive, and has outstanding physical properties.

Fast cure – faster than any traditional coating product, it gels within seconds, for minimal downtime.
Moisture tolerant – the chemistry does not react with water, and can be applied in moist or humid conditions (with certain limitations).
Temperature-independent – will gel and cure independently of ambient temperature variations – can be applied from -20°C to 80°C.
Excellent adhesion – superior to traditional coatings, for longer-lasting protection.
Chemically resistant to a wide range of chemicals, including hydrocarbons, solvents, acids and alkalis.
High tensile and elongation strength – ideal where the structure may shift or move (for example, pipes and tanks).
High abrasion resistance – protects the surfaces applied to (even in extreme conditions).
Environmental protection – 100% inert after application.

Polyurea Technology

Internal Tank Lining

Mining industry

Water reservoirs - potable water approved

Steel and Concrete Applications

Ute Tray Beds

Tray bed lining for long lasting 

strength and durability.


Water and Sewer Infrastructure