High Pressure Water Blasting

6,000PSI to 40,000PSI

At Protector we offer high pressure washing from 6,000PSI to 40,000PSI. 

High pressure water blasting is an effective method of cleaning metal and concrete surfaces. It can remove surface contaminants, such as dust grease and oil and can also strip old paint preparations. Pressure washing is an important part of surface preparation for highly corroded surfaces as it removes the salts from the built up corrosion. 

Ultra High Pressure Water Jetting is a highly effective method of cleaning or cutting a surface, by using extremely high-pressure streams of water. 

Can also be used Hydrodemolition - see below for further information. 

Water Blasting Options

6,000PSI Pressure Blasting

40,000PSI Ultra High Pressure Water Jetting

Surface preparation and surface coating removal
» Removes rust, coatings and all other deposits from steel, aluminium, concrete and asphalt
» Signifcantly simplifes clean-up and disposal
» Minimises operating and maintenance costs
» Can be performed nearly anywhere
» Drastically reduces airborne pollutants
» Removes invisible contaminants (e.g. entrapped chlorides)
» Virtually dust-free, so won’t damage nearby equipment
» Operates at lower sound levels
» Uses minimal water 

Abrasive cutting
» Slices through concrete with rebar
» Cuts inspection openings in petrochemical tanks
» Cuts up composites and many other hard materials.
» Cuts clean, without burrs, slag or warping
» Leaves a smooth edge
» Produces less dust, noise and heat
» Without heat build-up, prevents thermal distortion or changes in metallurgy
» Cuts a variety of materials and shapes
» Easily automated
» Spark-free, for use in explosive areas

» Eliminates dust and greatly reduces noise
» Superior substrate bonding surface
» Does not create additional structural damage
» Selectively removes inferior concrete
» Rebar is cleaned, descaled, and undamaged
» Faster than mechanical removal methods
» Washes away entrained chlorides

40,000PSI Water Cutting and Demolition